REVERENCE, now available!

Book three of the Irresistible Series is now available via Smashwords and Amazon! (Will be available on B&N soon!)

Read below for the synopsis of Reverence, per Desirae’s point-of-view:

Diego Lobos is every mother’s dream. He’s handsome, smart, athletic, and well-mannered. Diego attended an Ivy League college and managed to keep a near perfect GPA. Mothers want Diego Lobos as their future son-in-law. Girls swoon at the mere mention of his name. Guys want Diego to be on their team. Everyone wants to be friends with Diego Lobos.

He’s the guy everyone loves… And rightly so. But is he right for me? Can Diego fill the voids within me? Those vacant spaces that have been dark and empty for so long that I’d forgotten they existed until he stepped into my life… Diego is charismatic, charming, and genuine. He’s sexy without being an arrogant ass.

What more can a girl ask for? In my dark world I need more. I have a need most can’t fill. I demand certain expectations that have guys cupping their balls and running in the other direction. Can Diego be a submissive? Sometimes I think so and other times he just confuses the hell out of me. This particular detail matters though. I can’t ever go back to that time. I can’t ever be under another man’s thumb. I refuse to bend. Yes, I’m broken but I refuse to part with the little bit that’s left of me.

Love me or hate me. I don’t care. But everybody loves Diego… So why would he work so hard to be with someone like me?

** This is the third book in the Irresistible Series. A full-length novel. Contains mature content. **

Recommended reading order for the Irresistible Series:

Attraction (Prequel Novella) — FREE via all major eBook retailers
Irresistible (Book One)
Temptation (Book Two)
Yearning (Novella)
Reverence (Book Three)

Stay tuned for teasers!!


Smashwords book sale through the month of July

Smashwords is having their summer/winter sale for the entire month of July! Follow this link for a selection of books ranging from 25-75% off, even free!!!

Of course I’ve included the books I’ve published!! Here’s a list of my books available via the Smashwords Summer Sale:

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THIS SALE IS ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH SMASHWORDS! Once you make the purchase you can select what format you’d like to upload your eBook: Epub, mobi for Kindle, Nook, Apple, PDF, even Dropbox.

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Just Ask Senayda — Q&A regarding the Irresistible Series

I’m hosting a Question and Answer session regarding the Irresistible Series. Just follow this link to learn more about the Q&A session and to sign up.

A few things that will be discussed include:

* General questions regarding any of the books in the series.
* Favorite quotes, scenes, and characters.
* Discuss future books or novellas within the series.

So sign up! Spread the word! I look forward to hearing from everyone!

Cover Reveal for Reverence

Cover Reveal for Reverence

Official cover reveal for book 3 of the Irresistible Series. This is Desirae and Diego’s story.


Expected Release:  August 2014


** Also stay tuned!!! I will be hosting a Q&A session regarding the Irresistible Series on July 18th through July 20th. Please click on this link to see more information and to sign up.**

Smashwords: Ebook Publishing in the Classroom – Los Gatos High School Freshmen Publish Amazing Poetry Anthology

Smashwords: Ebook Publishing in the Classroom – Los Gatos High School Freshmen Publish Amazing Poetry Anthology.

Wanted to share this with everyone. I remember contributing to a poerty anthology in high school and a story for my college writing class. I still have those self-produced items but only my classmates and our parents probably ever got to see them. Los Gatos High School Freshman have already accomplished something that many people can only dream of and never realize how to make it happen. A big cudos goes out to the students with their hard work and commitment. I imagine I can relate to how great they feel.

What an amazing thing Mark Coker and Smashwords is doing…. Thank you!

As a writer there are countless ways that we can impact people. This is just another way of paying it forward that I wanted to share. :)