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Just Ask Senayda — Q&A regarding the Irresistible Series

I’m hosting a Question and Answer session regarding the Irresistible Series. Just follow this link to learn more about the Q&A session and to sign up.

A few things that will be discussed include:

* General questions regarding any of the books in the series.
* Favorite quotes, scenes, and characters.
* Discuss future books or novellas within the series.

So sign up! Spread the word! I look forward to hearing from everyone!

Cover Reveal for Reverence

Cover Reveal for Reverence

Official cover reveal for book 3 of the Irresistible Series. This is Desirae and Diego’s story.


Expected Release:  August 2014


** Also stay tuned!!! I will be hosting a Q&A session regarding the Irresistible Series on July 18th through July 20th. Please click on this link to see more information and to sign up.**

Smashwords: Ebook Publishing in the Classroom – Los Gatos High School Freshmen Publish Amazing Poetry Anthology

Smashwords: Ebook Publishing in the Classroom – Los Gatos High School Freshmen Publish Amazing Poetry Anthology.

Wanted to share this with everyone. I remember contributing to a poerty anthology in high school and a story for my college writing class. I still have those self-produced items but only my classmates and our parents probably ever got to see them. Los Gatos High School Freshman have already accomplished something that many people can only dream of and never realize how to make it happen. A big cudos goes out to the students with their hard work and commitment. I imagine I can relate to how great they feel.

What an amazing thing Mark Coker and Smashwords is doing…. Thank you!

As a writer there are countless ways that we can impact people. This is just another way of paying it forward that I wanted to share. :)

Interpersonal Relationships

As I’m writing Reverence, book three in my Irresistible Series I’m exploring the depths of friendships and the effects they have on people’s lives. I attended a woman’s life class last night that really hit home regarding a woman and her friendships. I wanted to share some of the things I heard and had inadvertently already been applying in my writings. My blog not only promotes my books but is intended to spread worthwhile pieces of information — hence the subtitle pieces of me.

Here’s a glimpse of what I learned last night thanks to Michelle and Karen at Rethink Life Church

Many people, male or female, have 4 basic needs when it comes to interpersonal relationships. They need to feel: valued, validated, respected, and trusted. In a friendship what you give should also be what you get. Heavy one-sided friendships/relationships are unhealthy and ultimately weigh and bring you down. Just as we want the people in our lives to value us, validate us when we ask and don’t ask for it, respect us and our decisions, and trust in us — we also need to reciprocate.

If you truly think about providing and receiving those 4 things you might come to realize that not everyone in your life accomplishes that, and for good reason… Not everyone we know are “true” friends. Social media gives the impression that people have hundreds if not thousands of friends when in reality the number is probably limited to the amount of fingers on both hands.

Below are the broad categorizations of where people may be in our lives:

Acquaintances — these are people we know through work, neighbors, church, or friends of friends. Acquaintances know “of” each other but don’t personally know one another. You wouldn’t tell an acquaintance an intimate secret or confide in them about something very personal. Ironically though, the majority of people we know fall into this category; even people we’ve known for years. Just because you know someone’s name and where they live doesn’t make them a lifelong friend, and that’s okay.

Seasonal Friends– are the people who are friends with you during a season of your life. Think of your academic years and those you considered friends during that time. Distance and life’s events change circumstances, needs, and desires. It takes effort and want to remain friends with someone regardless of time, distance, or things that have happened. A season can be a relationship change: marriage, divorce, having kids. Seasons of life can impact who your friends are.

Friends for Life — think of your best friend, childhood friend that you’re still close to, soul mate that isn’t necessarily your spouse or significant other. True friends don’t have to be your oldest friend. They’re always there for you, always have your back, no amount of time passing impacts the friendship. Friends for Life can always be counted on. They’re your go-to person for advice, support, and love. Remember those 4 basic needs?? — Insert friendship here and they should fulfill all those things.  

Just food for thought…

Just a taste of REVERENCE– Desirae and Diego’s story

First I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts. I really don’t blog on a weekly basis but do so more as needed. I’ve received plenty of feedback of people looking forward to Diego and Desirae’s story… And I promise they have quite a story to tell. So here’s just a nibble…

And oh -just my usual disclaimer- this is before edits and contains Desirae-like language. So be forewarned!!


I stumbled into the hallway immediately freezing upon hearing her voice.

“What did I say would happen if you disobeyed me again?” She snapped. Damn I did not want to be in this dude’s place. Desirae sounded pissed.

“I’m sorry Mistress D” the man stammered. My chuckle was lost amongst pleads and groans coming from the largest room. A behemoth of a man stood by the doorway already shaking his head ‘no’ at me. I rolled my eyes at the fucktard. I knew I wasn’t permitted in this room, yet – if ever. But I had to see Desirae in her domain. I needed to see what it was that drove her.

“Put him in the cage until he learns his lesson” she barked. I peeked around the silent giant and watched as another wall of muscle dragged the flailing man into a cage beneath a magnificent bed.

“I’ll do better Mistress D” he continued to plead to deaf ears.

“Understand something” Desirae informed the room of slightly terrified members. “I rule here. I don’t give a shit what your standing is with the club. I don’t care how much you pay in dues. And I certainly don’t give a shit who you are away from this property.”

“Yes Mistress D” the room responded in unison. My dick instantly hardened at the sight of Desirae dominating the entire room. She caressed a wicked looking cane. My balls shriveled a little as she approached a table in the room. Part of me gawked at her leather ensemble. She was all tits and ass wrapped up in skin-tight leather. My hands itched to caress the supple material and slowly undress her until I could bury myself balls deep into her. But the other part blanched as she switched her cane for a wand. And not just any wand but one meant for electric play.

Desirae was fucking hardcore. Nicholas had her ruling this room not only because she could flick her wrist better than any expert but because she wasn’t afraid to use the kind of shit that made most guys’ balls shrivel to raisins. She ruled the dark realm and she did it with a sparkle in her eyes and a wicked smile on her face.

“Your bio says you love electric stimulation” her deceptively soothing tone had most of the room breathing a sigh of relief. My body remained tense; I recognized her body language. Desirae was still tense. Her muscles twitched ready to spring into action. She loomed before a man who kneeled in the required position. He was tatted from the neck all the way down to his feet.

“Yes Mistress D” he whispered. Desirae caressed the man with the wand. We all held our breath expecting him to jump with the contact but nothing happened. I stared at the foot-long device in her hand. Could it really provide enough power to get this man off? And how the hell did someone even discover that they needed to be shocked to get their freak on?

A soft buzzing sound hit our ears just as the man’s entire body tensed then jumped at the contact. Desirae glowed as the room leaned forward to watch her performance. The tatted dude remained perfectly still; only his soft pleasurable moans and the occasionally rolling of his eyes let us know that he was thoroughly enjoying it.

“Mistress D” his choked voice made Desirae pause.

“Yes” she purred shocking him again with the wand before he could continue.

“May I come now?”

Desirae bit her lip tilting her head and observing his flushed skin, ragged breaths, and twitching dick. She really knew how to administer the right amount of pain and pleasure to make someone insane with need. The tatted guy could barely function. I was envious of him while pitying him.

She squatted before him allowing him to get an eyeful of her spectacular tits. I growled unable to refrain from being heard. Desirae stilled but didn’t look back, as if she knew it was me who’d made the sound. Instead she placed the wand between his dick and nuts and pulled it away just as he exploded all over his stomach and chest.

She was fucking magnificent.

Watching her there; unable to enter the room… This was exactly how I felt in real life too. Desirae was that shining star that felt close enough to touch but too far to make contact with. She burned hotly and brightly. But something made me aware that for all of her brilliance a darkness resided in her that threatened to swallow her whole. I wasn’t sure what it was. I wasn’t sure if she’d even let me get close enough to her but I’d do anything to get the chance… Even if it meant I had to get on my knees for her. 


REVERENCE of the Irresistible Series coming Summer 2014…

Need to catch up? Attraction (Irresistible prequel), Irresistible (Book One), Temptation (Book Two), and Yearning (An Irresistible Novella) are all available via Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major eBook retailers.

For my wonderful readers who have read and enjoyed this series — I ask a favor. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to rate and/or review. It makes a world of a difference for those on the fence about making that purchase. I’ve had great support through Goodreads and am hoping to see something similar via Amazon, B&N, etc. Once again thank you everyone for your love and support!    

YEARNING — new release, Irresistible novella (2.5)

From the moment I met Valentino DeLuca I yearned for a love I thought was unattainable.

Marco Soriano fell in love with his best friend.

I’ve lived with the constant ache in my chest. I really have no excuse why I let it fester. I don’t go into relationships seeing the white picket fence with 2.5 kids. I get in, have a good time, and move on. I yearn for something more with Valentino but I don’t allow it to consume me.

For years Marco watched his best friend have relationships with others longing for the day he’d get his chance.

Truth-be-told I was saving myself for the day Valentino finally noticed me as something more than just his closest friend.

But then she came along and changed everything. Marco wanted nothing to do with her and yet she was too tempting to resist. She threatened everything he cherished because Valentino was falling for her.

This is an Irresistible novella. Marco’s story… from his point-of-view. Yearning should be read after Irresistible and Temptation. Expect some M/F/M action. For mature readers.


Available through Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.