It’s on peeps! The 2015 Smashwords Read an Ebook Week is here…

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Smashwords has held this event for several years helping to promote authors and eBooks alike!

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The Irresistible Men Bundle

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Just another success story of why I love Smashwords

I want to share a blog post (interview) from Mark Coker of Smashwords with best-selling author Jamie McGuire regarding her self-publishing journey.

Believe it or not, Beautiful Disaster didn’t start off with publisher Atria… Actually it sold less than 100 books during its release month!

Click on this link to read Jamie’s interview with Mark on how she started with Smashwords, became a best seller (not overnight), and eventually came back to Smashwords.

So indie authors — there is hope for us!


Willfully Compelled CoverIrresistible MenIrresistible Bundle Cover
… You might not know about me:
1. I’m an identical twin – but I’m the bad one.
2. I have a “big” complex. BIG dog. BIG car. BIG mouth. (A loud mouth people! Not where your dirty minds went!!)
3. Married my high school sweetheart. It’s been 16 years!
4. Named my first-born after a well-known fictional character. (Ayla from the Earth Children series by Jean Auel)
5. I’m a Pinaholic… No I don’t need an intervention from Pinterest. Seriously though I love that friggin’ website! Click here and see!

… Author related:
1. Tentatively releasing Surrender, book 4 of the Irresistible Series, for summer 2015. (Nicholas and Andrea’s story)
2. I’m finalizing a paranormal romance, Willfully Compelled… To be released before spring 2015. Click here to see the cover and for the synopsis.
3. Working on several projects. In addition to Surrender and Willfully Compelled, hoping to publish two more novels before the end of 2015. Staying busy!!
4. I have an author board and an “Inside the Irresistible Series” board via Pinterest. Click here to see them!
5. The Irresistible Series is now available via bundle! You can get books one through three, the prequel and both novellas, PLUS bonus scenes… The Irresistible Bundle. Only want the unreleased novella offering Valentino DeLuca’s POV? It’s available only through the bundles. The Irresistible Men Bundle features Marco Soriano’s and Valentino DeLuca’s novellas. Both bundles feature a sneak peek at Willfully Compelled.

The Irresistible Bundle now available!

Irresistible Bundle CoverFor the first time, The Irresistible Series is being offered in bundle format. The bundle includes three full length novels, bonus scenes, and novellas. Included is a never-before released novella from Valentino DeLuca’s POV — Remiss.

I’ve also published a smaller bundle: The Irresistible Men Bundle features Marco’s and Valentino’s novellas.

Both bundles are available at major eBook retailers: Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and Apple iBooks.

The Irresistible Bundle includes:

Attraction (Prequel Novella)
Irresistible (Book One)
Desirae and Devon scene
Chelsea scene
Temptation (Book Two)
Yearning (Marco’s Novella)
Bikini Wars scene
Reverence (Book Three)
Remiss (Never before released: Valentino’s Novella)


It only takes a moment to feel that spark of attraction…

From the moment Carina Lobos and Jaxon Wright lay eyes on each other they can’t deny the attraction between them.


What happens when you can no longer resist the irresistible?

Carina Lobos is a freshman in college. She’s beautiful, sexy, and absolutely irresistible to many. Jaxon Wright is a junior, captain of the rowing team, and can have any girl he wants. Their chemistry is undeniable and explosive.

When a sexual encounter goes viral, things spiral out of control. Carina’s officially branded “Jaxon’s best” and for a man-whore that’s saying a lot. As she attempts to push him away, the magnificent owner of Club 69, Valentino DeLuca captures her attention… but Jaxon won’t be dissuaded.


This is Jaxon Wright’s story. Popular senior in college. Math major. Rowing captain. Beloved man-whore… Temptation incarnate.

He was the King of the Campus… until a certain Spanish beauty named Carina Lobos walks into his life and knocks him down a peg… or two. A year later a lot has changed. Carina is a prominent figure in his life. Jaxon has lost his pack of hyenas and they aren’t taking it well. They’re looking to make Carina pay. They’ve been replaced by the Irresistible 8 and the men in their lives.


From the moment I met Valentino DeLuca I yearned for a love I thought was unattainable.

Marco Soriano fell in love with his best friend.

I’ve lived with the constant ache in my chest. I really have no excuse why I let it fester. I don’t go into relationships seeing the white picket fence with 2.5 kids. I get in, have a good time, and move on. I yearn for something more with Valentino but I don’t allow it to consume me.

For years Marco watched his best friend have relationships with others longing for the day he’d get his chance.

Truth-be-told I was saving myself for the day Valentino finally noticed me as something more than just his closest friend.

But then she came along and changed everything. Marco wanted nothing to do with her and yet she was too tempting to resist. She threatened everything he cherished because Valentino was falling for her.


Diego Lobos is every mother’s dream. He’s handsome, smart, athletic, and well-mannered. Mothers want him as their future son-in-law. Girls swoon at the mere mention of his name. Guys want him to be on their team.

He’s the guy everyone loves… And rightly so. But is he right for me? Can Diego fill the voids within me? Those vacant spaces that have been dark and empty for so long that I’d forgotten they existed until he stepped into my life…

What more can a girl ask for? In my dark world I need more. I have a need most can’t fill. I demand certain expectations that have guys cupping their balls and running in the other direction. Can Diego be a submissive? Sometimes I think so and other times he just confuses the hell out of me. This particular detail matters though. I can’t ever go back to that time. I can’t ever be under another man’s thumb. I refuse to bend. Yes, I’m broken but I refuse to part with the little bit that’s left of me.

Love me or hate me. I don’t care. So why would he work so hard to be with someone like me?


“I don’t deserve you but I’ll spend forever trying to prove it.”

Valentino DeLuca spent years trying to decipher his feelings for his best friend, Marco Soriano.

Valentino didn’t notice men. He wasn’t attracted to them. He loved women; specifically his Spanish beauty, Carina Lobos.

But all of that changed when Marco became his anomaly.

**Disclaimer for this series: Contains mature content including F/M/F and M/F/M scenes…

Excerpt from Valentino’s Novella — REMISS

Irresistible MenIrresistible Bundle Cover

Available December 2014:

The Irresistible Bundle and The Irresistible Men Bundle

**Both bundles feature Valentino DeLuca’s novella**

Here’s an excerpt from Remiss, Valentino’s story:

Everyone has that defining moment in their lives. That moment that changes everything there afterwards. Nicholas’ happened with Hedonism. His personal and business life permanently changed. Mine? My life changing moment happened under the roof of Club 69. And no… It wasn’t the moment Carina walked through those doors.
It happened in the unlikeliest of situations. One moment I’m enjoying Carina and the girls giving the guys lap dances, of which I thoroughly enjoyed. That was predictable and pleasurable. But when Marco and the guys decided to turn the tables and dance for the girls I bowed out. I wanted to watch knowing it was better for me and the staff that I not get involved.
Marco’s playful like that. Although he’s the general manager the staff knows they can play around with him. With me? It’s always business with a splash of playfulness but nothing that ever oversteps the boundaries. Even during the annual staff party, I never get more than buzzed. My staff has never seen me drunk. I don’t fuck my employees. I’m always onstage.
But one song, one moment, changed everything for me, forever. For years I’ve functioned with “good enough”. I’ve casually dated. I’ve had women fall in love with me. But in this moment the untethered pieces of me come together. Marco straddling Carina; gyrating his hips in her face; Carina watching his every movement with blatant desire. In that moment I don’t get jealous. I’m not bitter. If anything I want to share Carina with Marco. I want him to see why I’m falling for the Spanish Beauty. I want to have a threesome with him and her, but one like I’ve never experienced before. I want to touch him this time. I want to feel his lips wrapped around my dick. I want Carina to finger herself while watching us.
Holy fuck.

The Irresistible Bundle includes:

Attraction (Prequel Novella)
Irresistible (Book One)
Desirae and Devon scene
Chelsea scene
Temptation (Book Two)
Yearning (Marco’s Novella, 2.5)
Bikini Wars scene
Reverence (Book Three)
Remiss (Never before released: Valentino’s Novella, 3.5)

The Irresistible Men Bundle includes:

Yearning and Remiss

The Irresistible Bundle is available now for presale at: Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Smashwords

The Irresistible Men Bundle is also available now for presale at: Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Smashwords